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Since the beginning of time, entertainment has been divided by two major categories: Comedy and Drama. So why is it that out of every critique, whether it be a spoiled fruit or some four-lettered acronym, none of them judge the film’s ability to make you laugh? Comedy is one of the greatest forms of art, and to criticize said pieces without including half of the judges, well then, shame on you!

Comedy Gold is a place you can visit for the truth. No more hiding behind false reviews or inaccurate ratings. If you come here, you’re coming for one thing only, and that’s Gold! Don’t worry about bringing your own tools though, because we’ve done the digging for you. Our Miners have spent a lifetime panning through movies and have already determined what’s Gold and what’s for Fools.

In order to achieve the most accurate review, we base our view on 6 simple questions. Each scored from 0-24 Karats:

1. Humor; is it funny? How funny?
2. Story; was it worth following along?
3. Quotability; were the lines worth repeating?
4. Cult Worthy; will this hold true to its time? Or has it already?
5. Rewatchable; how soon would you watch it again?
6. Schindler’s List; is it Schindler’s List?
i. (this one is either a 0 for yes or 24 for no)

Happy Gilmore
1. 22
2. 24
3. 24
4. 24
5. 24
6. 24
Purity: 23.7/24 Karats or 98%