Old Dads (2023)

Directed by: Bill Burr
Written by: Bill Burr & Ben Tishler

Everyone who’s familiar with him knows that Bill Burr is currently and will always be in the upper echelon of comedians. His dark quick wit remains unmatched and is portrayed perfectly in this film.

Being Burr’s directorial debut, “Old Dads” checks a lot of boxes. It’s funny, quotable, and even rewatch-able. The story is unique and relevant: a father who decided to have kids later in life, but can’t make sense of the generations beneath his own. The jab “Ok boomer” is thrown at him in the movie and for those who know it, know it’s a perfect way to explain what his character is struggling with.

Burr is a standup comedian. No one is judging him for his storytelling or intricate plots, and since this is a comedy, we aren’t either. But with this film being so current and its comedy relying on today’s gabs, I can’t see it becoming a “cult-worthy” classic. But nevertheless, it’s a funny movie and will forever be a success in Burr’s portfolio.

21 Karats / 87.5%

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